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At Heal in a Heel, we celebrate Community over competition. We strongly believe that community is an essential part of creating a space where you can feel liberated to take risks and do your own healing.  Curating these healing spaces requires co-creation from all babes who join us. 

Here are the Community Guidelines we ask of anyone enjoying our spaces to uphold.  

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 3.23.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 3.23.42 PM.png


Our program is created for you to feel sensual and confident in your body.  Exploring our own sensuality and healing our relationship with our body is a personal journey.  This can be a vulnerable thing to do in a community setting. 

We have a saying in class that “We’re here to touch ourselves, not each other”.  Respecting personal space in classes adds to the comfort of knowing that you are in control of your experience.  We hope that encouraging personal space and body autonomy gives peace of mind to drop into your body and discover all the healing goodness therein lies.

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We are strongly committed to inclusive spaces. 

We are LGBTQ+ and BIPOC friendly, and owned! 


We strive for a culture and community that is

all-encompassing, nondiscriminatory, eclectic and accepting.  This includes a range of ages, races, gender identities, body types and more.

With this, we ask our Baddies teaching and our Babes taking to be mindful of ourselves in our classes.  Let our actions and choices reflect and align with these values of inclusivity.  Our program is created for EVERY-BODY, and we are committed to keeping it that way.

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Lastly, we ask you to be on time to class.  We start every class with an intention circle, which is important to set the tone for healing. 


We understand life happens and sometimes we are late.  If you find yourself to be 15 or more minutes late, we ask that you not join class and catch us next time. 

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