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If you watch our vids you might be under the impression that everyone already knows each other...this is just a testament to how quickly our methodology promotes bonding, intimacy and mutual support.

We have brand new Babes almost *every* class! Whether or not you’re the only first timer present, our Babes are great about welcoming new faces and embracing those who are trying something new.

Baddie Mentors will always lead introductions so you know who you’re cheering for, and initial class warm ups help us all get to know each other quickly.

Part of the magic of our program is supporting one another—you will feel embraced and rewarded for showing up.

Read about some first-time experiences from some of our babes, here.

A social-distance hug goodbye for our BC Babe Tracy, who moved to San Diego in February

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Kaili Aiono Alvarez
Kaili Aiono Alvarez
Jul 26, 2021

If you want a squad that will ACCEPT you instantly and HYPE you up for being 100% YOU, this is the place for you! Come dance and be completely free with us!

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