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We reject society’s limited Beauty Standards and recognize that all body shapes, sizes, colors and abilities are beautiful—we want you to feel confident in your body no matter what.

We love the Body Positivity movement, but it’s possible that this concept falls under “Toxic Postivity”. The idea that you’re going to love your body 24/7 and always think it is perfect is unrealistic...and it creates unfair expectations for you.

Here at Heal in a Heel, we believe in Body Neutrality, but with a twist. Your body deserves respect, rest, and nourishment—no matter what—this is Body Neutrality.

Our Body Confidence Twist is helping you walk confidently through the world no matter how you feel about your body’s appearance that day. We understand that self esteem fluctuates from day to day, hour to hour, but working to heal your connection to your body can change everything.

We want to replace the critic in your head with the sounds of cheering from your Babes in class. This confidence in yourself will carry out from the classroom and into the real world and radiate like a halo. We’ve seen the lives of our Babes change because of the way they changed their perception of themselves, and what they’re capable of. We want that for every Babe on Earth!

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